LEED Gold Hargreaves Hall Renovation and AdditionEastern Washington University (EWU) is a student-centered, regionally-based, comprehensive university. Its campus is located in Cheney, Washington, which is west of the Spokane metropolitan area. Its mission is to prepare broadly educated, technologically proficient, and highly productive citizens to attain meaningful careers, to enjoy enriched lives, and to make contributions to a culturally diverse society. Eastern Washington University achieves its mission by providing:

  • An excellent student-centered learning environment
  • Professionally accomplished faculty who are strongly committed to student learning
  • High-quality integrated, interdependent programs that build upon the region’s assets and offer a broad range of choices as appropriate to the needs of the University’s students and the region
  • Exceptional student support services, resources and facilities.

The Hargreaves Hall Renovation and Addition on the Eastern Washington University campus is a LEED Gold Certified academic building.  The existing historic 70-year-old building had a renovation in the 1960’s that covered over the original skylights, decorative ceilings and other historic details.  A second floor was extended through the Great Hall (‘Multi purpose room’), creating poor-quality classrooms and office space.  The 2009 renovation removed those 1960 elements and has returned the historic volumes and details to the building.  The addition includes new classrooms, offices, student lounges and ADA accessible entrances and elevator.  Hargreaves houses Teaching & Learning, Faculty & Fellows, Development & Gift Processing Departments, the Dean’s Office for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (CSBS) and the Honors Program.

The existing single pane windows have been replaced with efficient insulating glazing following the historic mullion lines and profiles.  The exterior brick and concrete elements have been cleaning and repaired.  The existing roofing remains, and a skylight has been installed in the original location.  The original marble was uncovered, cleaned and repaired as part of the renovation project.

The new portions of the building reflect the materials, forms and proportions of the existing building.  The north wing is primarily brick veneer over stud or masonry wall, with a concrete base that matches the existing base detail.  Glass curtainwall separates the new and existing portions of the building.  The new west entry leads to a 2-story space that includes an open stair to the upper floor classrooms.  The exterior face of the existing building is left exposed to the 2-story space, allowing people to see the original historic façade.

The site design preserved the large existing trees and replaced the rest of the landscaping and irrigation system with native or adapted plants and efficient drip irrigation.  Swales were incorporated into the landscape design to receive the stormwater runoff from all impervious surfaces.  The roof drains, which used to be connected to the City of Cheney sewer system, are now routed to the swales for infiltration and use in irrigation.  The addition sits on what was a parking lot, removing approximately 30 spaces.   

The Hargreaves Hall Renovation and Addition has many green features that contributed to LEED Gold Certification including:

  • The project site has been redeveloped to much greater density.  The site is close to the heart of the campus, close to the student union, other academic spaces, residence halls and well served by bus lines, bike paths and pedestrian sidewalks.
  • Replacement of bluegrass turf with low-water use grasses, flowers and shrubs, along with installation of an efficient Netafim drip irrigation system results in a potable water savings of 61%.
  • Swales designed into the site receive and infiltrate stormwater runoff from the roof and other impervious surfaces instead of directly into the City of Cheney sewer system.
  • 52.3% of the remaining site, not including the building footprint, was planted in native or adapted species.
  • Efficient plumbing fixtures, such as dual flush toilets, low-flow faucets, showerheads and urinals contribute to a water savings of 48.2% over the baseline.
  • Energy-efficient building shell construction and replacement of existing windows, HVAC and lighting systems upgrades contribute to annual energy cost savings of 29.1% and energy use savings of 20.5% compared to an ASHRAE 90.1- 2004 base case, which will save EWU approximately $17,000 per year.
  • Indoor air quality is protected through many strategies, including:
    • Carbon dioxide sensors to increase outside air when needed
    • 30% more outside air ventilation than required
    • Construction Indoor Air Quality Management during construction and a flushout prior to occupancy
    • High efficiency air filters (MERV 13 rating) for all supply air
    • Low emitting materials for adhesives, sealants, paints, carpets and composite wood materials
    • Permanent entryway systems to remove particulates as people come into the building
  • The design also provides windows at key locations to allow views to the outside from 93.3% of the regularly occupied spaces in the building.

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