LEED Gold USGBC CouncilThe Northside Aztlan Community Center is a LEED Gold Certified recreation center that also hosts classes, community meetings and events.  The Center inlcudes a 30court gymnasium with elevated running track, fitness center, aerobics/dance studio, community rooms, catering kitchen, classrooms, computer labs, intergenerational activity room, locker rooms and office areas. 

The Northside Aztlan Community Center has many green features that contributed to LEED Certification including:

  • The Project site is a ‘Brownfield’ that was a city dump where open burning of garbage and other debris occurred until the 1960s.  The site was remediated via removal of contaminated material prior to constructing the new building.
  • Provision of bike racks and spaces for carpool and vanpool parking consistent with Fort Collins’ emphasis on alternative forms of transportation.
  • Full cut-off site lighting to reduce nighttime light pollution, consistent with Fort Collins’ stringent standards.
  • Native and adapted plant species and high efficiency irrigation systems contribute to a water savings of 52%.
  • Efficient plumbing fixtures, such as dual flush toilets, low-flow faucets and showerheads, and waterless urinals, contribute to a water savings of 44% (720,700 gallons per year).
  • Energy-efficient building shell, HVAC and lighting systems contribute to annual energy savings of 31% over code, which will save the City of Fort Collins over $20,000 per year.  Energy efficiency measures include:
    • Insulated concrete form (ICF) system for the gymnasium wall construction with an R-value of 19.
    • 6” insulated exterior walls with R-19 batts
    • R-30 rigid roof insulation
    • High performance windows
    • Automatic daylight controls to dim or turn lights off when there is enough natural light to provide the necessary illumination
    • High efficiency light fixtures that use 41% less than the LEED baseline and 10% less than the Fort Collins Energy Code
    • Efficient roof-top heating and cooling units with variable air volume and variable frequency drives to reduce gas and electrical power requirements
    • 94% efficient water heating equipment
    • Carbon dioxide sensors to adjust airflow to spaces depending on the number of people
  • Measurement and verification of the building’s HVAC, lighting and power systems energy usage and water consumption to allow the facilities managers to verify system operation and to make adjustments if needed to maintain efficient operation.
  • Diversion of over 95% of the waste generated during construction from the landfill and to recycling, reuse or salvage, qualifying for both Construction Waste Management points and an Innovation point.
  • Views to the outside from 97% of the spaces in the building.
  • Indoor air quality is protected through many strategies, including:
    • Carbon dioxide sensors to increase outside air when needed
    • Construction Air Quality management during construction and also prior to occupancy
    • High efficiency air filters (MERV 13 rating) for air supply
    • Low emitting materials for adhesives, sealants, paints, carpets and composite wood materials
    • Permanent entryway systems to remove particulates as people come into the building

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