LEED GoldThe original Spokane Community College Science Building was constructed in 1971 and there were additions to the building in 1986 and 1997. The original building and the two additions, were all constructed utilizing bearing masonry walls with a built-up roof supported on metal deck and open web steel joists. The exterior walls are stacked bond, 7-grid split face concrete masonry, exposed on the inside in most locations. The masonry gave the building a classic 70's look that is not consistent with the newly developed Campus Standards. The renovation project included a completely new facade and entry structures to update the appearance and improve the functionality of the building. The heating and cooling systems were also completely replaced to bring them up to current energy and comfort standards.

The arrangement of spaces within the building has been dictated by the orientation of the existing building on site. The Computer Services are being located at the northeast corner, with immediate access to a new loading dock. The new Mechanical Room takes advantage of the sloping site on the north side to offer a lowered floor elevation for increased room height for the mechanical equipment. The P.E. Department and Athletic Offices are being located at the southeast corner of the building closest to the Walter S. Johnson Sports Complex. There will be a secondary entry directly from the parking lot on the east into this suite of Offices. The Student Health Clinic has been located in the northwest corner of the building, closest to the existing Health Science Building 9. The MRI Room has been located on an outside wall to facilitate equipment delivery. The remainder of the spaces in the building have been arranged to maintain and work with the structural elements of the original building construction. The configuration of the corridor system within the building will allow the major north/south corridor on the west side of the building to remain available during the evening for access to the two Classrooms and the Student Health Clinic without requiring the balance of the building be open to the public.


The project, now called the SCC Jenkins Wellness Center,  has achieved LEED Gold Certification in the U.S. Green Building Council LEED-NC Version 2.2 Rating System.   Notable green features of the project include:

  • The renovated building is located within ΒΌ mile existing transit lines and established residential and commercial neighborhoods.
  • 18 bike racks and a shower/changing room are included to allow staff to bike or walk to work.
  • No new parking was added, and one of the 11 existing spaces is reserved for fuel-efficient vehicle parking.
  • The site was designed to preserve 24.4% vegetated open space for the life of the building.
  • Exterior lighting was designed for energy efficiency and not to create glare or light trespass onto other campus areas.
  • Landscape and irrigation systems included native and adapted plants and efficient irrigation systems yielding 53% water savings compared to the baseline.
  • Water-efficient flow and flush fixtures yielded a 34.8% water savings over the baseline.
  • Energy-efficiency measures included insulating the existing shell and roof, high performance windows, 93% efficient staged boilers, Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) mechanical system efficiently exceeds LEED-required outside air ventilation requirements by 30%.
  • The energy model predicts the building will cost 28% less to operate and use 32.9% less energy than a ASHRAE 90.1-2004 compliant baseline.
  • The building systems have been designed to allow measurement and verification of the LEED required systems.
  • The project is pursuing all of the IEQ credits for IAQ during construction, low emitting materials, indoor chemical & pollutant source control, thermal and lighting comfort.

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